Home tech stuff

Sarah persuaded me to consolidate some old desktops of mine lying around, and settled on an old but solid looking Optiplex, putting the others into the exit queue. After toying with the idea of a different Linux variant that I'm most used to (which is RHEL), I looked at what OpenBSD was up to, and found 4.0 looking good. Turning my laptop into a n install server, I PXE booted the desktop with the neat OpenBSD boot image and had a fully working wired system in minutes. I'd decided this desktop was going to be headless and only wireless. The only potential snag was the PCI card which used an RTL2500 driver and was a bugger to get working with the older 2.6 Linux kernels, however once I'd re-learnt how to enable any working network device under OpenBSD it worked a treat. Working/playing on OpenBSD again was a very refreshing change from Linux, and quite challenging re-learning more than I knew before when I used to set otherwise redundant PCs with OpenBSD 2.* as library terminals.

My new work latptop is a mostly Intel, Lenovo Thinkpad T60 with T2400@1.83GHz/1GB/60GB/14"XGA/945GM/82573L GigE /3945ABG/Bluetooth, running RHEL4 and the vesa gfx driver at 1024x768 and it works a treat with what I need it for. Everything works out the box except cycling to external display for projector use - the laptop must be rebooted.