Winter clearout, some books just had to go...

Sometimes you can just have too much stuff. So decided to have a big clearout. The usual thing: clothes we don't wear any more, household stuff we don't need and books, oh so many books. Sarah and I love books, but a lot of them are simply not likely to be read by us again properly, and books do need someone to read them, otherwise they are wasted really.

So with a mildly heavy heart I started to go through my academic books, Mathematics and Physics mainly and put a lot of them on Amazon (my storefront. nb: I think Amazon charge a hefty cut but I haven't found a better way to reach bookbuyers). Also a lot of IT books went (to hopefully good homes) via our local Freecycle group. It's simply not worth selling dated IT books, but good academic books hold their value - I've even sold a few for more than I bought for them. So even with this clearout we still have books in boxes and a few bookshelves to buy. But we got some space back "which was nice" ;-)