The Frightening Beauty of Bunkers

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="353" caption="tilting"]tilting[/caption]

It's funny how trails of information flow across different media.  Today, on the train home, I picked up a (now free) Evening Standard and caught an articleabout how fashion designers are trying their hand at architecting buildings, mainly interiors.  In that article it mentioned someone called Paul Virilio and his book "The Frightening Beauty of Bunkers" which sounded intriguing.  Getting home I googled for it and found a bunch of pictures, leading me to this site with stunning pictures and a translation of Virilio's preface to the book.   Some have an other-world, almost Star Wars, like quality of the structures embedded and strewn over bleak landscapes - as if pushed in by gods.  WWII era constructions some have an intensely modern feel - finding them as moon base structures wouldn't be any more surprising.  This one, "tilting", evokes a crashed space craft, chunky as it is!  Great to find art and philosophy in surprising places.  And the possibly final link from newspaper to search engine to website exhibition to blog via a tweet is made.