Adventures in language : Latin

Statement of Intent
Today I'm starting a blog post on my very personal adventure learning and using Latin. This is not a "how to" or advisory. It may help inspire folks (maybe you!) to follow their own path with language. I plan to append to this one blog post as I go along, whenever I have something to say.
Why Latin?
Having never being taught it at school, it was something other kids (and certainly not my friends) in some other kind of schools did. It felt implicitly a subject studied by a different class of person, very likely the kind that went to grammar and public schools, even minor ones. Latin also seemed dead apart outside churches and mottos, not very useful to me. But learning a little Mediterranean language and discovering their common root was Latin simmered away at the back of my mind til the other day when I saw this century old text book and was gripped by its style: "The Cases are six". "The Nominative names the Subject...
  The boy reads.--Who reads?--The boy.
   The fire burns.--What burns?-the fire.
Then boy and fire are Nominatives."
Enough for now. Time to stop talking and to just do it.