Comments on......"The Riddle of Why Russians Don't Protest" by Vlad Vexler

A highly engaging monologue. It leaves me impressed with Vlad but appalled with the russian people - and Vlad does not help. Here, he discusses the opinions and the choices available to the Russian people, rather than why they make those choices or the characteristics forged over time that created the situation, where tyrants thrive in the Russian empire. Take the chaos within russia at the end of the Soviet Union: why did criminals become so dominant in society that the people felt the need to have a strong man to suppress the non-state criminality? Why did russia produce so many criminals and greedy individuals that were happy to use aggression and force to gain advantage over their neighbours, their townsfolk? 

Vlad does not dig far enough into why russians, at least the core ethnic (white) Slavs, which also make up the ruling classes in russia, accept the russian public's pact with the devil (Levin, Stalin, Putin). 

Could what Dudayev termed "russism", a combination of nazism, racism, fascism that is worse than any of them, be the internal reason why so many russians revere Stalin and support Putin? The premise is that they feel Stalin and Putin truly represent them, that they are them. That russians have these russism values, which is why they feel so lightly about their sons eliminating Ukrainian or Chechen or Georgian or Syrian civilians in huge numbers and terrorising them. Because strengthening the russian empire, by whatever means necessary, is more important than the lives of innocent non-russians. 

What Vlad has failed to do is to explore why the russian people keeps producing these bastards in government, in the armed forces, in the gulags, in the media. Few russians take personal responsibility for anything done in their name, and they are not willing to make the effort and take the risk to do so together. It's an extreme cowardice. If russian civilians are prepared to fight what is right, then what is the "what" they will fight for then? It has only ever been to preserve the empire. To move away from their russism they need to fight for better, more humane values than that: freedom for all from tyranny, terrorism, torture, deportation, rape, robbery, political imprisonment, planned impoverishment.