Time to get back into blogging...

Realised today that I really need to get back into blogging when yet another annoyance reminded me I needed to share thoughts (yes I know it's a negative thing, but at least it has the positive result in getting back to what I enjoyed doing but got lazy). Perhaps the frequencies of peoples blog posts can be mapped to some underlying feature of their experience or character: I wonder who has blogged on precisely the same days as me - no more or less. Would I like to read their blogs? Maybe. It would make an interesting bit of scripting to find that out. Well back to today. Busy at work, very wet weather with pond like puddles all over the place. Noticed when I got off the train that a sign said that the doors close 30 seconds before departure to ensure trains left on time: hmmm....that's all very well but the trains seem to pull in only around 40 seconds before they are set to leave again. Not for the first time have I seen the doors stay open for around 10 secs or so before - must seeing what's the shortest time it takes the staff to blow their whistles after the doors have first opened. I bet it's sub 10 seconds in places on the Aldershot-Waterloo line. I don't like being rushed unnecessarily but it must be very awkward for the elderly and infirm to be rushed like that: seems again it's passengers suffering again - variable, frequently indifferent customer service at stations, little or no waiting rooms (what protection do railway customers have from the elements? leaky old Edwardian roofs mostly), fares up again, minimal ticket checking so people make a mockery of the first class ticket system on some lines. Oh I could go on.

Today was the day after a works football game I organise. It got a bit physical and eventually, inevitably, terribly, pointlessly someone got injured and today their ankle is double the size. Will need to get more proper sportsmanship, decency, fairness and good humour back into the game. Football is just one of those things in life for me that it can always be magic, refreshing, enjoyable no matter what the last game was like. Now I just need to find more time to play it, play more bridge and poker and bass guitar, see more of my friends etc. Not exactly New Year resolutions (calling well intentioned ideas that seems to be a kiss of death!) but certainly aims. To do that I need to free up more time. Daily my work in London means I'm almost always 12-13 hours away from home: I've got to somehow get some hours back - the plan to work on the train is not giving me as much work time as I'd want (80 minutes) since the data network Vodafone GPRS/3G is very variable and basically crap along that train line. Note to self: get more life into the work/life balance!

On the TV right now is a Horizon documentary on how to kill humanely in terms of the death penalty: it strikes me that why not just prefix the existing method on-site with a sufficiently strong general anaesthetic? Basically put the condemned person to sleep first. Enough of that.

Good to see Linux heading into mainstream computing: the desktop and the "phonetop". gOS, Android, the Eee PC laptop...lovely. I'm starting to see that inevitably the Windows protectionist market share will erode and balance to fundamentally better value OS whether they be free in some way (Linux) or not (Mac). It's just incredible that a global company with such dominating market share cannot provide a high value product/service - perhaps it's part of the territory, in that the sheer number of app developers in an essentially closed source and complicated model means that it's almost impossible to develop a stable, fast extensible platform.