: cloud backup service with free hardware box

After an impromptu lunchtime discussion today with Rian and Jeff, I thought about a service that makes PC/iPod backup at home seamless to 1+ cloud data stores (e.g. gdrive), via a simple to configure, backup caching, stylish hardware box delivered to your door, which plugs into your router and provides USB/ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivty for any device you want backed up, which then does off-peak backup in the background to the cloud - also offers easy restore functionality. Of course the device should be fanless, solid state, be completely Open Source and hackable, with an easy user upgradeable HDD. Question is how best to monetize this? So spent a few hours tonight bashing out some ideas, including buying a domain name, configuring DNS and writing 2 main webpages which I've put in a Google presentation for speed,