Touch typing and poetry

Whenever I get the chance and remember (usually on planes) I do open a touch typing program "gtypist" or "ktouch" and do as much as I can. Of course remembering to touch type in daily life is a little difficult (have just swapped into touch typing whilst writing this).

With ktouch one of the nice things is that one can easily use customized text - so I scoured some sites for good speeches (Churchill, Napoleon, Elizabeth I, ML King, etc) but, inspired by our last holiday in the Peak District, decided to add some poems too. Wordsworth and Betjeman were 2 obvious choices for me (I love the "Englishness" of them) and am looking forward to importing, typing and learning them.

During my brief research I found this wonderful phrase from the Wikiepedia article on Betjeman "and he dedicated most of his time to cultivating an active social life, to his interest in English ecclesiastical architecture, and to private literary pursuits". How wonderful "private literary pursuits" sounds - something free, relaxed yet focused and intense in some personal way - it is at once liberating yet purposeful and hints at leading to a deeper fulfillment. Nice. Better get back to work as I've a journey to New York that I want to make the most of....