TGISaturday, RSS feed reading, rambling

On a Saturday morning my day normally starts tea, toast and a solid, luxurious couple of hours browsing through stories via my RSS feeds (what a brilliant invention they are). Normally at work I simply don't have time, my commute has a flaky network, and the evenings are spent on more important things like chatting to my wife, essential chores and relaxing (i.e. doing as little as possible).

My feeds are mostly tech related, focused not on gadgets or games, but Open Source and Linux. Add in world affairs and sport (football, cycling) and that takes the number of feeds to around 40. A few of the stories that grabbed my attention today:
more on the miracle jet landing on New York's Hudson river, a Singaporean developing cycling in Africa, how job-sharing works in Japan, Android/G{1,2} stuff and progress of Open Source uptake in business and government.
We've got an easy walk planned today with a local Ramblers group. Nice sometimes to walk with other folks and dogs (we're taking Romeo our Australian Silky Terrier) and let someone else handle the routing. Likely hang out at home most of the day. After working with my team on performance planning this week I do need to focus on my own, so will have to do a bit of work later on.