World Club Cup : why Chelsea lost

A number of reasons...
- they were up against a very good, on-form Brazilian Corinthians team
- there is a deep relationship between Japanese and Brazilian football (players go in both directions) which inspires Brazilians. The CWC is routinely held in Japan.
- only the Brazilian players in Chelsea  wanted to win the CWC very much. The vast majority of players (mostly non-Brazilians) not so passionate about winning it were in the Chelsea team
- Corinthians out-played and out-muscled Chelsea in midfield. They played with more force, style and assuredness. Witness the hesitancy from the three Chelsea players not attacking the ball which one attacker put past them. Rabbits frozen in headlights
- Chelsea as a team are in an  underperforming phase, given the player quality.

Is anyone at Chelsea genuinely over-performing?  Team spirit doesn't seem solid since Terry rose to prominence and influence.