Welcome asymmetry: tiny self-sufficient act, big warm feeling

Today at the allotment I took a welcome break from weeding to build on request* a large frame with net to protect the broccoli.  I like constructing things. It appeals to my resourceful nature to use whatever materials are at hand, to do it *now* and not wait. Some unemployed 8" bamboo canes, twine and a net. A lot of plot holders use connectors (like a golf ball with tapered holes), use zip-ties or special poles. But I've completely avoided leaving anything plastic onsite (a tool is OK).  So I had twine and bamboo canes which I know can be insecure when the twine slides on the bamboo can which it can do if its not tightly bound. But was thee another way?

I thought about making the cane-to-cane binding on top of a separate string base which would handle the tricky binding to the cane. Should work. Testing the under-binding with a coiled spring shape, tightly pulled into the cane, I found this is hard to move up or down the cane. Perfect!  Putting it altogether has created pretty robust connectors, perfect for supporting the weight of the nets and perhaps the odd pigeon. Cost of the frame £1.20.

* by Sarah, my wife